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Block 4thIf you’re reading this email right now that means you like me, you really like me! But actually though, you checked that little “yes, please send me updates” box, and WOW am I grateful. You want to keep a pulse on where I’m at and what I have to say? *cue the happy tears*In all seriousness, I’m grateful you’re here on this crazy wild ride with me and I’m so excited to have a medium to share all the ups and downs, tips and tricks, sad times, good times, successes and failures.SO without further waiting… I give you the launch of my new website (like what?? I cannot believe this is real!)
Whether you’re lying in bed late at night accidentally dropping your phone on your face (sorry about that), stuck in an Uber in traffic (thoughts n’ prayers), bored in the bathroom (we all do it right?), or deleting this thing every time in lands in your inbox (you could just unsubscribe ya know…), I’m so glad to know you’re out there! Along with my new website, I’ve changed a few ways of doing things. Meaning you get more lifestyle and less workout items into your inbox and there’s a place for that info with links on my site instead. I’ll drop the stuff I’m super excited about here, but it will be smaller pieces and just the ones that get me hyped up! And the website has all the links for my newly published journal. Did I just type those words? I’m still in complete disbelief even thought it’s been taking up every brain cell and moment of time for the last while. Get your copy below. And because I love you all and thank you for your support you get a FREEBIE with the journal! You can subscribe below for an extra gratitude challenge! Happiness Challenge Let’s do this,SamanthaDon’t want these emails anymore? You can Unsubscribe or Manage Preferences.2799 Balboa Drive
Dubuque, IA 52001, United States
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