BYOB…bring your own bestie!

Hello and happy beautiful Tuesday to you! You’re getting this email on this sunny day to let you know 2 things:
1. You’re awesome. I hope you know that.
2. To tell you about what we have been up to in our BODgroup, Inspired Soul Studio, and what we have coming up NEXT!So let’s chat the Studio. If you are getting this email, you already have EVERYTHING you need to pick up on your health journey and continue…or maybe get started again. There’s no shame if it’s been a while since you laced up your shoes…or maybe you just got overwhelmed with how and where to begin. A lot of what I do in the BODgroup is coach my clients on exactly those things, but sometimes a face to face chat is necessary. If you want to chat via zoom, email me back and we will schedule something.Now, back to the BODgroup. This month we are focusing on being good human beings in all aspects of our lives…not just in our health, but also in how we show up and serve others as well. It’s going to be a great segway into our new program that launched on May 24th, Fire and Flow! This is the first program in all of Beachbody history where there is a huge mindset component, designed to help us both conquer habits and negative narratives that aren’t serving either of us. The program is only 4 weeks long, 6 workouts per week, where 3 of them are higher intensity (with a modifier) and the other 3 are flow and mindset coaching. I will admit…I had my doubts. BUT the results I’ve seen so far are super inspiring. More than that though? Some of my friends who were in the original test group are completely different people…stronger from the inside out! Here’s a few testimonials:”I actually hate working out. I do it for how I feel after. This was the first time in my life I actually looked forward to working out, it’s unlike anything I’ve ever done before!” – Danny D”Before the test group, I was in a really dark place in my life. This program was so therapeutic and healing, I feel totally different!” – Morgan SCool, right? That’s what I’m most interested in…helping you FEEL your best. Of course the physical results will come, but overall health is about so much more.Here are a few more logistics:- 30 minute workouts developed by two POWERHOUSE females!- A journal is included where we will track our emotional health, physical results, a to-do list section, a place to write out thoughts, and be inspired by a daily affirmation.- Available on May 24th!- Inspired Soul Studio’s FIRST EVER BYOB (Bring Your Own Best Friend) Test Group begins on June 6th! (With our second wave kicking off June 13th)This test group will be like NONE OTHER since we are bringing our best friends with us! Since this program was developed by two female friends, we will want to have our closest people with us, too, as we revamp our mindsets and focus on overall health. ALSO, I’ll be giving away TWO things!1. A custom Fire and Flow tank top to anyone who completes the program and shares their results with me! (I will not share your results with anyone without your permission, pinky promise!)2. A custom Fire and Flow tank top AND $20 gift card to anyone who completes the program and shares their results with me AND brings their best friend to do the program with them! How ’bout them apples? I’ll also be offering weekly one-on-ones with my F&F test group crew where you can ask me anything to help you stick with it! COOL? Cool! RSVP by replying to this email with “I’m in!” and I will email you back with what’s next! I’m so excited to see you there, along with your best friend!!Deadline for our SECOND test group is Monday, June 13th! Respond to this email to get in!
PS Here is a short promo video!

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