The hard and how to get to the happy

Two things before I get to the “meat” of what I want to say…

Having moments that are hard are normal and it’s okay. I have them too… this evening felt hard.

Fed is best! Always! I think it’s wonderful to nurse and I’ve been blessed to be able to, but it only works as long as it’s physically AND MENTALLY healthy for BOTH momma and baby.

We’ve navigated a lot of hard in this move and transition. More than a post can hold… it’s not done yet…

And mostly I can keep adding the hard without a overflow of emotion or breakdown… then I hit my elbow this evening on a tray. It was the final straw apparently… I broke down.

I’m constantly overstimulated

By kids, the move, the boredom, lack of routine, kids needing occupying, nursing, constant touching of a kid to me for something, no quiet, lack of sleep, the reverse culture shock, being able to hear and understand everyone everywhere, reading all the signs as we drive because I can and somehow can’t turn that off.

Just plan overstimulated and tired.

I also know what helps. Pouring into my people and team, being on a program (workout get and nutrition), having routine, sleep.

All of those are in my control, except the sleep… that is controlled lately by an infant and toddler.

So tomorrow we get our things back and begin the purging and unpacking. More stimulation.

But my workout space will be set up by the weekend and by Monday I’m starting right back into a favorite program. (You should do it with me… nudge nudge).

Tonight I showed up for my team, first in bible study (where we focused on emotions… 🧐) then for laser coaching one of my teammates.

I also said no to nursing baby J tonight. He got a bottle of pumped milk and is totally full and happy. I pumped during our meeting. But I needed the space. The no kid on me. Even for just a bit.

It’s okay mommas! It’s okay to love every minute. It’s okay to need some minutes to you. It’s okay to be in between and loving it while also needing a bit of you time.

The piece of summit I didn’t talk about is in these photos… me pumping literally everywhere… on the street holding up team photos because I was pumping… hiding in the back of a team selfie because of pumping. Just before I walked the stage at summit I was sitting on the floor of the dome  like back against the wall by the stairs to the seats pumping…

It’s a huge commitment. And just another brain stimulation that I have to fit into my day, but not too much so I can also nurse, but enough to have a stash…

The over stimulation of two kids and this move has been incredibly difficult. So much more than I ever imagined and it’s adding up…

In the next few days it’s all about organizing and unpacking to get our space where my brain mentally needs it to be. Then it’s back to routine and into a full program for my mental health. For my mobility and joint stability. To get rid of the soreness and feel stronger again and less achy.

The lights at the end of the tunnel and getting closer and closer with this move settling down, but the choice of coming out of the overstimulation and “funk” is my choice. And the choice has to produce action.

That’s why I’m so passionate about what I do with my team. We produce action and help others feel their best. Yes we have a vessel of fitness and nutrition to aid this, but that vessel is just that. Only a vessel. It’s action of each individual using the tools and resources we share that gets them feeling their best, crushing their goals, and changing lives. It’s not a quick fix, it’s not for the outward appearance, it’s for sustainable health. Creating happy moms and happy homes and happy families.

Let’s go unleash that happiness together!!!

Doing: splash pad and park time almost daily for Reagan to be occupied. Too much tv time. Lots of traveling to see family. Lots of moving. All the moving. I miss my own bed!

Reading: not much happening right now doing our bible study (barely) with the team and that’s it right now

Eating: the best we can… we only got our kitchen supplies (minimal ones) back last week. But we are adding in lots of veggies when able and cooking most meals again which is super helpful.

Workouts: been doing barre workouts for a long time. Managed to do fire and flow but I didn’t have the right weights so I didn’t enjoy it as much as I could have with proper equipment for me. Can’t wait to do 645 with Amoila from my beachbody library starting on Monday. I felt my best last summer nauseous and newly pregnant with the program so I’m going back to it to feel that good again now at 4 months postpartum.

If what you’re learning about me and my passion for helping others fits you and your goals; let’s chat and see if my coaching is a good fit for you.

Email me or contact me on social to work with me. It would be such an honor to help you crush your goals and feel your best!

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