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There certainly haven’t been as many newsletters this summer and early fall as I wanted. Let’s just simply say that going from one kid to two kids while also moving internationally, setting up a new house, doing work on that house because the market sucked and you bought what you could… well it’s been chaotic, hard, and a lot.

But we are all busy. In our own ways, with what we choose to fill our schedules with. And as hard as this transition and season has been so far, it’s also been fun, and enjoyable mostly.

I do believe that you make time for what’s important to you and what you are passionate about. For a while now, I have been feeling stale about my virtual wellness studio. It was becoming a lot of the same, and was too focused on workouts and nutrition and not enough on life, getting more out of life, and being sustainable

Because of all of this; I connected with some teammates and my passion project was brought to life in our brand new SOUL STUDIO.

If you aren’t already in our new studio, email me or chat with me via social media (all contact info is at the end of this email) and we will get you in and all started! We have had the best time over the last month in the studio with the launch, tons of recipes shared, mindset work daily, and the most caring community I could ever ask for. Thank you for trusting me with your health journey and for showing up for YOU!

Get started

SOUL studio

Doing: Trying to find me again. I heard something recently that said us mommas need to “find our pink again”. Did you know that when a flamingo gives birth they lose their pink color.. and slowly as they recover, hormones balance, etc. their pink coloring comes back. It’s been 6 months and I am finally feeling more like me. We had a lot of change at once and I was DRAINED! I need to find my pink again. So I am doing less, intentionally resting, finding joy and gratitude in each day and continuing where I’m at now to get better each day.

Reading: Enjoying more fiction lately and catching up on the latest Janet Evanovich books (she’s my favorite author!). Also reading “No better mom for the job” for a bible study I started with some moms from MOPS locally. I’m also slowly reading the Magic of Motherhood. I’m reading more and it’s been amazing finding more love in books again.

Eating: Since I was diagnosed with hashimoto’s during all the craziness of this summer, I’m focusing on veggies, proteins, and finding what foods my body works well with right now in this new challenge of needing to decrease inflammation and heal my body more.

Workouts: I’m really enjoying our new XB Sweat and Sculpt workouts and will be doing a second round because it’s been really enjoyable as well as doable with two kiddos and has helped me find a better routine for my mornings. Here’s a great sample if you want to check it out.

XB Sample

I also am slowly getting back to some weight lifting and it’s been very fun so far, even with starting much slower than I expected. Helping me with my strength goals will be Megan Davis and her new program SURE THING launching next month. Her sample is available to all BOD customers.

If what you’re learning about me and my passion for helping others fits you and your goals; let’s chat and see if my coaching is a good fit for you.

Email me or contact me on social to work with me. It would be such an honor to help you crush your goals and feel your best!

Check out all previous months on the article feed and find great recipes, tips, travel fun and more.

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