Gratitude Journal

I’m a mom, wife, and business owner who has dealt with anxiety, mindset struggles, and feeling alone. Much of that started to shift when I adopted this very gratitude practice you are about to embark on. Finding the small moments in my days to be extra grateful filled my heart and mind with more good than bad. It allowed for less room for negativity and helped to change my outlook on life. It truly unleashed happiness that I had only dreamed of before and is now my reality. I hope it can spark the same joy for you. ​

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Happiness Challenge

Simply put… I really dislike open ended journaling. I’ve tried it, and it’s not something my brain can handle and not something that helps me feel connected, rooted, and purposeful. Because of that this journal was born. Simply Grateful came about from over 6 years of gratitude practice and constantly creating my own templates and journal space in random blank notebooks. I kept searching for a practice that helped me simplify what I was journaling, and didn’t add in all this extra things for me to do and write. This is the exact practice I’ve been doing in under 5 minutes each day for years. It’s helped me dream bigger, feel more confident, want less material things and more life. And it’s truly helped me create a happier, more fulfilling life for myself and my family. I pray and hope that it can do the same for you!

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Here’s what others are saying about “Simply Grateful”:

from Nikki: “This journal is perfect for my morning routine! I love the prompts each day to help get me thinking a little differently. This practice only takes a few minutes, but is a game-changer!”

from JEschete: “Starting my day with this has been a game changer. It’s so much easier to find things you are thankful for when you start your day with gratitude. It’s easier to find the joy in the small things. I really enjoy the affirmations and prompts for gratitude. It allowed me to think of things outside of the usual that I am grateful for but are not always front and center like family, a home ect. If you want to find joy and find gratitude in everyday life, this books is for you.”

Kids edition of the Gratitude Journal IS HERE!

Positivity is imperative in our lives. The world will try to knock us down, be mean, and create so many challenges we can’t even attempt to count. However, if we can find the positive, the happiness, the joy, and what we can be grateful for; then we can meet those hard times with a different perspective. A way to not be shattered by the challenges, but move through them and find the little pieces of good to help us get through them. That is why this journal focuses on the good of the day instead of the “rose and thorn” method or finding a way to change a challenge into good. We need the foundation of gratitude first, before we can relook at the day’s hardships and find the good in them. Find the things that make us happy from the day and the favorite parts first. This journal is just a start and stepping stone for kids to be able to find the good in life, day by day. Finding that happiness now, can and will aid in being able to tackle all the life that will be lived as they grow.