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This blog is an extension of my newsletters and will be a guide and resource for helping you create the life of your dreams. The life you want! And creating more happiness along the way.

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April is for celebrating!

For a while, I didn’t really celebrate this month like most families do that we know. But as my kids get older, and we are soon starting school with our oldest I see how her brain is processing our moves, the questions that are asked and the added information we share now this month is…


Inspiration for Abundance

Creativity is a gift that doesn’t always have an ‘on’ switch. But when it strikes, I try to make sure I create and enjoy the process. With that here are a few of my favorites I do often when creating abundance. It’s based in intentional rest for me personally as well as gratitude. Mostly though,…



Hi Friend!It’s been a bit since I’ve sent some motivation or inspiration. I honestly haven’t felt that inspirational lately and I want to send you quality and not just a bunch of random emails for you to read (or ignore… ha-ha). To gain back some of my personal motivation and inspiration I’ve had to change the…


Happy New Year

Truth be told—you are the dream client that I hoped to discover when I created this business. I started this newsletter a few years ago as a added value to my fitness clients and I’m so thrilled that it’s morphed and grown into more. This past year has been more than I could have imagined…


An invitation to join the Hygge and Gratitude Challenge:

Hi friend—I wanted to personally invite you to join the Hygge and Gratitude Challenge. You know how it’s challenging to see the seasons change and feel like you haven’t done enough this year? You are not alone. The Hygge and Gratitude Challenge will transform the way that you approach the preparations of the changing season. It…