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As part of my health and healthy lifestyle there are some companies I rely on for products, fitness, recipes, and chemical free supplies.
Not only that, but I am also the CO-Founder of SOUL Studio. An online wellness hub for community, support, and growth.

Gratitude is the launching point for the soul to have unleashed happiness.
— Samantha Mans

Our Mission:
To be a community that’s been brought together through simple workouts and sustainable nutrition that focuses on life giving, soul filling, care for our minds and bodies. This is a judgement free zone of support, fun, education, and accountability and we’re so happy you’re here with us!

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I found BODi. The variety, the support, my coach, the team; it has all brought so much light and balance to my life. I originally lost 20 pounds and over 20 inches! I was also able to have a healthy and fit pregnancy, twice. The first pregnancy I lost about 52 of the 60 pounds I gained! Throughout that postpartum journey I’ve had many struggles; one big one being a new diagnosis (2021) of hypothyroidism and medication to assist my body through that. After kiddo two was born, my thyroid took a bad turn and I’ve been working with my medical team through my new updated diagnosis of hashimoto’s finding better ways to support my body in recovery, healing, and strength.

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I started back in 2016 with my own health journey after years (over 12) of chronic constipation, chronic gallbladder disease, and IBS. I also had high cholesterol and felt lost in this sea of medical “un-controllables”. I had just had my gallbladder and appendix removed and told myself I didn’t want to continue with health problems for the rest of my life. There had to be a better way! First things first was starting to treat my 25 year old body with respect and not like a garbage disposal. I started eating healthier, and working out… but I needed help. I needed guidance and I needed support.

My main health focus is how I feel. The scale, a tape measure, and pictures are all great tools to gauge how physical outward goals are being met. However, I prefer the weight I can continue to lift, the ability for my body to recover between workouts as my physical benchmarks. I am also very focused on how I feel, both in gut health and mindset health. Without a strong mindset; my stress can become overwhelming easily. I work with my team in the SOUL studio to make sure we focus on being fit in MIND, BODY, and SOUL.

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The other part of my healthy lifestyle is keeping my home healthy. I do this through limited chemicals (nearly chemical free) for over 7 years. It’s helped us support our immune systems and ditch the smelly irritating ingredients.

In my newsletters I share more about all aspects of a healthy lifestyle from body, mind, soul, and home! I’ll see you in your inbox for more tips and tricks. But for now, to browse my favorite brand of cleaning, laundry, and essential oils; click below.