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about me

As a mom of two, one of which is a toddler with WAY to much energy and she gives none of it to me I need a lifestyle that allows me flexibility, consistency, and enjoyment. I am a military spouse who moves frequently. Keeping my gratitude practice, routine, and consistency to help ground me in each new location. Plus the support from my amazing women in the SOUL studio is priceless and something I lean on a lot. Having workouts that are done anywhere, with either all the equipment, or none of it is very helpful. Having supplements that fuel my body, filling in the gaps from sustainable real food nutrition is quick, easy, and tasty like dessert.

I keep the house smelling great and clean without chemicals. Trying to keep the germs out is always a challenge with one kiddo in 4K, but we support our immune systems the best we can the best ways we know how. 

I’m here to not only give you great tools for a healthy life as a whole, but so much more!

My streamlined gratitude practice unleashes your inner happiness and frees your authentic self so you an live the life you envision.

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