Simply Grateful for Kids – Paperback version


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Positivity is imperative in our lives. The world will try

to knock us down, be mean, and create so many

challenges we can’t even attempt to count. However,

if we can find the positive, the happiness, the joy, and

what we can be grateful for; then we can meet those

hard times with a different perspective. A way to not

be shattered by the challenges, but move through

them and find the little pieces of good to help us get

through them. That is why this journal focuses on the

good of the day instead of the “rose and thorn”

method or finding a way to change a challenge into

good. We need the foundation of gratitude first,

before we can relook at the day’s hardships and find

the good in them. Find the things that make us

happy from the day and the favorite parts first.

This journal is just a start and stepping stone for

kids to be able to find the good in life, day by day.

Finding that happiness now, can and will aid in being

able to tackle all the life that will be lived as they



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