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Merry Christmas! We love all things Christmas around this house, and especially love our intentional focus on slowing down and putting the real reason for the season first in our lives, and days. Our advent devotionals help, but so does our continued relationship with Jesus that we strengthen every day of the year and not “just” in this Christmas season.

This time of year is one that everyone enjoys time together, maybe some extra treats and sweets, and then gets berated by health coaches doting the newest “thing” to get back in shape, lose weight, or be a better you. Here’s where I, as a health coach myself (with extra training in nutrition and personal training from NASM), tells you to NOT LISTEN TO THEM! Any of them. And I will include myself in there because if my message doesn’t resonate with you then leave it at the door and move on to what brings you happiness.

Got your attention now don’t I? As the new year closes in on us there are so many messages, posts, stories, and reels out there saying that you need to “start now” or do this or that to lose weight. I think it’s wrong. I’ve grow a lot in my own personal health journey and in my experience finding what brings me health and happiness; those types of messages don’t help me. And they really haven’t helped my clients and team either. Instead our focus needs to shift to what we consume and what we don’t. Consume is a word I don’t love using because it usually relates to food, but for me its everything I allow my body to take in (which includes my mind!). We consume tv, social media, food, positive self talk, negative self talk (hopefully not often…it’s a work in progress), workouts, others opinions, and so much more. All of this consumption adds to how we feel. Which in turn, directly affects our health.

So instead of letting others bring you down about needing to stop the holiday enjoyment and get to some stupid number on the scale this holiday season; can we dig deeper? Can we find “things” in life that bring us happiness AND health? Can we focus on how we feel when we spend quality time with family, start or continue a beloved tradition? How the movement like a walk or workout helps ground our thoughts and let out some pent up stress? or How the extra rest is honoring our body’s need to slow down and be more intentional?

That’s my challenge to you in this season. Find YOUR goals that help YOUR happiness and YOUR health and do those. Surround yourself with amazing people and ENJOY LIFE! Honor your body in all its glory because it keeps you going each and every day. Honor it by treating it well, fueling it well, helping your body feel well on the inside, and let the benefits of having better health allow you to live more life and live it fully!

Doing: We’ve decorated for the holidays and are truly enjoying as much family time as possible. Being intentional about slowing down, not filling the calendar with added stressors or busyness has been a goal for us and we are very happen with those intentions this year.

Reading: It’s Advent so I’m working through a wonderful devotion with some amazing women called “Emmanuel” by Ruth Cho Simmons. We also have been reading our daily “God story”, as Reagan calls it, which is our family Advent devotional call “Jesus Has Come” from The Daily Grace Co.

Eating: All the amazing recipes from my dear friends cookbook which is now officially in print and available!!! Click the image below to get on her emails, order her cookbook, and check out all things focused and centered on bringing families together around the table!

Workouts: Still here, still working out… because I feel better mentally and physically when I do. Plain and simple. But I am excited about the program I’m starting next week called SURE THING. It’s more of what I love, weight training for function and being able to life more life, cardio for heart health, and recovery so you aren’t burnt out or too sore to move the next day. If you want to check it out, message me, email me, or click on the “join soul studio” link in my about me page, or click the image below. I’m here to help you feel your best, achieve the goals you have personally, and love yourself and the journey to better health each step of the way.

bphotography specializes in Senior portraits, and family sessions. But she also is great with branding sessions (my weekend in Paris for mine was AMAZING!) and also has completed a few weddings for some very special couples. What’s cool and unique about bphotography? She travels for shoots! Meaning, if you are in Europe, DC/Virginia area, NC/Fort Bragg area, WI, MN, or Eastern IA you can schedule a session for when her travels bring her to those areas.

Click on her logo above to be taken directly to her website.

If what you’re learning about me and my passion for helping others fits you and your goals; let’s chat and see if my coaching is a good fit for you.

To get started fill out this short application for the Studio.

It would be such an honor to help you crush your goals and feel your best!

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