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Block 1stToday, it's about US. Not just you or me.Hey friend! With the recent news, I have been personally reflecting a lot. This reflection comes with limiting consumption of social media and tuning out the endless debates that don’t drive any action or change. I don’t normally share on topics such as these because I don’t feel educated on them well enough to help others understand. However, when I continue to see the same information each time tragedy strikes I feel empowered to share, speak to what I do know and have learned, and point you towards resources to help cut through the noise and start healing with action and intention. I’ve seen so many posts about the horrific situation in Nashville at yet another school. It truly breaks my heart. I’m a mom, I send my child to school. I have to then limit what I see in my newsfeeds and in the actual “news” because if I stay in my head and in that rabbit hole we would never leave this house again. And I would quite literally be paralyzed by fear and anxiety. I pray. I trust in the LORD. But I also know that in the Word and His truth I am called to be active. Sure, me as a child of Christ, mom, wife, and entrepreneur cannot save the world. But I DO NOT need to pour lighter fluid on the burning tree and forest either. So here’s my two cents for what it’s worth:1. We cannot compare our statistics to that of other countries with such inaccuracy. The USA is HUGE in both land mass and population size. So comparing our statistics of violence to that of Germany, for example, (which is smaller than the size of Texas) is simply inaccurate unless the stats are properly scaled to represent the population size. 2. Comparing our laws to that of socialist countries or countries run by a parliament doesn’t work well either because our governing bodies are run completely different. 3. Our judicial system needs some harsher punishment. Consequences should be enough to actually deter violence. No one wants to end up in prison in a foreign country… and because of that their laws are upheld by their citizens and *mostly followed very well. Many of their police forces for example, aren’t used for small traffic violations because they have systems in place to just mail the ticket for speeding (and tailgating… don’t get me started there.. another story for another time) to your house. You pay the fine and move on with life and slow down to avoid the consequences that happen with subsequent tickets. However putting something like this in place in the USA… a logistical nightmare! Our states are larger than most countries which all operate independently in Europe with their own laws, rules, and different traffic laws. 4. I’m proud to be an American and a military wife. We have given our lives and livelihood as a family to protect your freedoms. Plain and simple. However the USA sorely lacks the community ties. We use to have them. But now it’s everyone for themselves without any thought as to how it not only affects them, but also those around them. I miss the community. And we can bring that back. It truly would help a lot if each person not only thought about how their actions or lack of action affects them and their inner family, but how it could effect Bill at the end of the block or Mary on the other side of town. It’s looking out for each other and spreading love and kindness without judgement or expectation. 5. Could changing our gun laws help with the tragedies that continue to happen. Yes. Maybe. Probably. But it’s NOT that simple. And I’m not educated enough of on policy (not politics) to form that clear of a side or opinion. We need to change our hearts and minds and have better mental health care that doesn’t pass judgment. We need different consequences to deter negative actions. We need more love and kindness in our daily lives. It’s not just one thing that will change our statistics, but many things. Those things have to work together and WE AS AMERICANS, have to choose to do better daily. Not just for ourselves, but for those around us. 
Today, I’m inviting you to hit that “reply” button below and tell ME something…anything…about yourself. Got a story to tell? Tell it. Just wanna say hi? Say hi! I know there is heaviness in the world and our country. We are a broken human race waiting for saving, again. But we don’t have to sit idly while time passes and bad things continue to happen. So reach out, tell me a story, let’s start this change from inside our own hearts and minds. Inside our four walls of our home and family, and let it spread to those around you in community. If we start within, and then look to spread happiness, joy, love, and kindness change will happen. REPLY TO MEFor more resources on POLICY and how it affects the individual, community, state, country, and world. And a great look at policies in other countries go follow @policyoutloud on Insta, look for the Policy Out Loud podcast on Spotify. And find the blog at www.policyoutloud.comps it’s all linked so just tap on the words above and you’ll get right to the Policy Out Loud website 🙂we're in this together.Samantha2799 Balboa Drive
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