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Honestly it’s been a crazy start to this year for us. But instead of sharing why it’s been so busy, let me first ask you if you let your busyness derail you already from goals you’ve set for yourself this year? Why do you think that is?

Is it a cycle you continue year after year or month after month? Or do you make these goals without the intention to complete them because you’ve “failed” in the past?

Heavy questions of reflection right?!? I get it… I’ve been there. Making new year’s resolutions only to stop them before day 31 or even day 15 or day 2. I think it’s way more common that we realize to make big goals for the year, or have a vision of what we want the year to look like…but we sometimes forget that merely setting and speaking that goal or vision isn’t enough to make it happen. We have to take small, really tiny simple actions daily or weekly to make those goals/visions come to life. The big goal and vision looks so shiny and pretty, but many aren’t willing to do the simple mundane work to get the shiny prize at the end of the year.

So, my main tip to you…because you can still crush that goal and vision even if it’s not starting in January or if you’re starting again this month… (NEWSFLASH: you don’t need a new year, month, or week to start achieving something you want.) is to write down the big lofty goal and vision. Next, write down 4 slightly smaller things you need to achieve that goal (quarterly goals if you are stuck to a calendar year format). Next, break those 4 goals into 3 smaller items each. This gets you one smaller, achievable goal each month that will progress you to that big goal you really want to have happen. Need it smaller yet? Break it down to a weekly action or even smaller daily action that will move you closer and closer to your big goal every day/week.

Those small bite sized things we can actually do frequently are how the big goals that seem unreachable happen. It’s not a hard process or even a new one, but it’s sometimes hard to get past the small mundane actions that get you there.

One goal of mine this year is to have this newsletter really be of value to YOU! I can plan all I want for each month, research and write weekly, but I cannot pretend to know exactly what you want to hear and read from me. For this; please leave me a comment or reply to the email what you want to have more of this year. Examples I can think of are fitness tips and programs, nutrition for actual life, recipes, travel fun, moving tips, military life, etc. But my examples will only help me, after I hear from you!

To tide you over: Here’s some great tips with action steps for Healthy habits this year.

Doing: January we traveled stateside for my sister’s wedding. It was amazing to see family and a few friends, but we cannot wait to have more time with loved ones once we move back this coming summer officially to Iowa. The work schedules will be so much easier on our family life, and we will live up every moment of this because we know that most jobs won’t have the time this one will give us. I was also able to attend an incredible work conference with some of my teammates while I was back stateside. Beachbody sure does pamper us on these earned conferences! It was such a fun weekend, but also tiring for this pregnant momma. I can’t wait to be able to see my team in person more this coming year! I’ve missed that in person connection so so much. Meeting some of our super trainers in person and working out with them live was definitely a big highlight too!

Reading: Our bible studies have kicked off for the semester so I’m currently knee deep in two studies for or women’s group and a third for our OCF study group that AJ and I attend weekly together. When I’m not focused on those, I am reading “You are the Girl for the Job” and “The Obstacle is the Way”.

Eating: What’s been working for me lately is focusing on veggies and protein intake. Fruit and carbs are easy to add and consume. Veggies, especially salad is easy for me to get also… but honestly the last bit my protein hasn’t been enough, so I’m really trying to eat that at every meal so I don’t fall behind in my day. Water is super high intake for me being so far along in my pregnancy (32 weeks now). I’m up to or over a gallon a day. Yes I pee frequently… but my body also is using it and craving the water so that’s what it’s getting.

Below is our “lighter” and healthier version of snickers salad:

4 green apples (sliced and cut into pieces)

1/2 cup almond milk unsweetened

8 oz cool whip (don’t go fat free here…. the ingredients are better with the regular)

sugar free vanilla pudding mix

4 built bars (diced small)

Mix it all in a bowl (wet ingredients first, then add apples and bars) and enjoy!

Workouts: When I workout… meaning I went from 6 days a week for 30-45 minutes to 3-4 days a week for 30-45 minutes; it’s a specific prenatal 3rd trimester workout with Elise. All barre! I’m loving the low and no impact, the focus on glutes and strong legs. It’s been so helpful with allowing for more comfort and less overall pain.

Check out all previous months on the article feed and find great recipes, tips, travel fun and more.

March will bring what YOU want to see and read based off the feedback I receive. So check back in soon.

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