The word that fills or January.

Resolutions. Why do we make goals, that are so short term and ones we don’t care if they come true or not, call them resolutions, and seem to give ourselves permission to “fail” at them or “give up on them”? Why not make a goal, break it down to actual action items and then daily habits that actually will get you to your goal?

I’ll be honest, I’ve had a struggle the last few months with business goals. They haven’t felt important. I hit some really great goals and ranks in 2022. One’s I aimed high for, set out to achieve, and am thankful for. But being in my studio, present with my clients, and helping them to have a healthy lifestyle is what is filling my cup. It’s helping me find more purpose and enjoyment in my own health journey and how I am envisioning my own life and goals both in and outside business. What does this mean for my 2023 vision planning? The part where I usually have these wild ideas, goals, and big dreams?… it’s just not here yet. Or maybe it is and it simply looks beyond different than prior years…

Either way, I want to tell you that it’s okay to not know yet what you want for this year. It’s also okay to not plan in an annual or yearly construct. When we plan on an annual basis and we get off track, we seem to just push it off or move the goal to the next day or month. The year seems long and like there is plenty of time. But doing this means we end up achieving less than we are capable of.

“If we did the things we are capable of we would astound ourselves.” Thomas Edison.

What are you capable of? What do you want your year, month, heck! What do you actually envision for your life? The big, scary, pee your pants vision! What is it?! You are capable of reaching it! But only if you write that vision down. Pick out 3-5 small, tangible goals that will bring you a touch closer to that vision that can be completed in about 3 months, and find 5 daily habits that will get those small goals checked off.

Make this year, your year! The year that you don’t make a resolution to change, but a resolution to be YOU! Fully. Authentically. And go after that vision you have in life!

If what you’re learning about me and my passion for helping others fits you and your goals; let’s chat and see if my coaching is a good fit for you.

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It would be such an honor to help you crush your goals and feel your best!

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