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You're the first to hearabout this one, friend.Block 6thI’m gonna make this short and sweet, friend. I’ve been SO excited to reach out to you about this offer—and today’s the day, it’s finally here! The company I partner with (BODi) is giving an insane deal on their bike and workouts, and the only catch? This deal only lasts until the 31st of May.So in order to make it happen (because that’s what we do, right!?), here’s what I need you to do:Click the button below to get your bike. Choose the package you want (with or without a weight set) you will sign into your BODi account during the process to verify me as your coach (this also gets you into my online studio). That’s it, that’s all you have to do—no fine print here. So, ready to take this to the next level with me? Let’s do it, friend!Questions? Just reply to this email, email me separately at or find me on social to send me a dm. This deal is incredible and means I finally can get my bike for AJ and I to use and I didn’t want anyone else missing out on this chance too. Let’s ride into Summer together!GET THE OFFERxo, Samanthadon't take it from me, take it from my clientsBlock 19thBlock 21st

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