An invitation to join the Hygge and Gratitude Challenge:

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Hi friend—I wanted to personally invite you to join the Hygge and Gratitude Challenge. You know how it’s challenging to see the seasons change and feel like you haven’t done enough this year? You are not alone. The Hygge and Gratitude Challenge will transform the way that you approach the preparations of the changing season. It will also allow you to see that you don’t need to do more or be more to fulfill your life and home with happiness and comfort. By joining this challenge, you will:

1. Learn how to be the neighbor you wish you had and the one the world needs.
2. Rethink what it means to build a life that has eternal legacy and one of abundance and happiness. 
3. Feel connected and show others and yourself that they and you are seen, known, and loved by God. Let me know if you’re interested in joining the challenge. It’s first come, first serve—and I would truly love to have you in the group. Warmly,Samantha
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