Hello Fall. Go out and enjoy it!

The last two months have been busy… like always… Last month I was able to go to Corfu, Greece for a week on a fantastic retreat with Elise Joan (our super trainer and creator of Barre Blend). It was such a wonderful week full of rest, yoga, barre, amazing food, and the best company I could ask for. I knew no one before going on this retreat.. I know have 23 new incredible friends who are all so unique and beauty souls.

We had the most beautiful scenery for our yoga sessions (2 a day for an hour- I was so sore… yoga is definitely challenging when not practiced often). We got to explore the town, people, history, and architecture. We had a private Greek cooking class, down time on the beach, and a olive oil tasting an tour. We also had quite the adventure when our bus got stuck up in the mountains because the island experienced their worst rain storm in 60 years and had chest height standing water in the streets. Thank goodness for small cafes and amazing café owners so we can stay dry and safe while we waited for the streets to be cleared. I’m very thankful for the “hurry up and wait” and unpredictability of the military life as I was the most calm I’ve ever been in such a difficult and uncertain situation of us being stuck for hours (7 hours).

Being that it was Oktober in Germany; we had tons of fun this month with Oktoberfest, halloween, and the fall cooler weather. Sweatshirt/sweater weather is my favorite! Not to mention the golden leaves all around us. The beauty created in this world that we get to enjoy is unmatched and I hope that each of you takes the time to enjoy the world around you with a walk, hike, or cup of your favorite warm beverage on the porch.

Until next month… Christmas in Europe just is special and we cannot wait for the start of the Christmas Markets.


Resting lots and relaxing before our busy November takes off. We have 3 weekends full of travel scheduled. First is Disney Paris as our family of 3 to spend quality time with Reagan and doing something just for her (ok…and us… who doesn’t love Disney?!?) Then my mom gets to town and we are off right away to go polish pottery shopping. Followed by Thanksgiving with AJ’s parents in Belgium and a weekend off to the Netherlands. It’s going to be busy, but we are quickly running out of travel time as our next home will be upon us next spring/summer already. Moving is always stressful, but we thankfully don’t have to worry about that…yet.


Over my Greece trip I listened to the podcast “Policy Out Loud”. It’s one of very few podcasts and blogs I keep up with so go check it out. I also was able to listen to the audio book “Own Your Everyday” by Jordan Dooley. Loved this book and it’s uplifting spirit and messages. Practical tips for getting to your goals and creating momentum in everyday to lead you to your purpose.


Honestly, this has been a struggle lately… this pregnancy has been making me mostly sick and everything unappealing. So I focus on my nutrient dense shakes, some extra hidden veggies in the shake, and fruit. Focusing the best I can on protein and fruits has been helpful and less stressful while making sure baby and I are properly fueled for our season of life right now.

Here’s a fun Thanksgiving recipe book just for you, my readers!

Thanksgiving recipe book

Fall recipes


I’m on week 12 of our newest program from Amolia Caesar. Still loving every workout and the focus on recovery. Follow more of that journey on my Instagram.
But this month, I have a group of clients and teammates starting a variation of Barre with Elise. I had the amazing opportunity to work out in person for a week with Elise and she has just reignited my heart and mind in so many ways with her motivation, journaling ideas, and inspiration. Let’s all get some more of that along with great results with Barre at home!

Barre at home!

Check out all previous months on the article feed and find great recipes, tips, travel fun and more.

Next time… We will chat my favorite Christmas party ideas including some amazing recipes for your next get together.

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