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Have you thought recently about what brings you joy?

I mean true joy… not just superficially, happy, but the happiness and joy that lasts, that carries over and overflows out of you when you have it?

I challenge you to write down three small seemingly simple things that you might otherwise over look each day for a week. I’ve been doing this daily for over 3 years now and I cannot express how much this habit has transformed my mind and heart and therefore my journey of health.

It may sound cliché but what you fill your schedule with is what you are prioritizing. And in all seasons of life this will frequently change and flow, but what does your calendar say you are prioritizing right now? What are you focusing on that isn’t bringing you joy, or rather, what are you doing that is bringing you joy?

Fill your time with those things and the priorities we crave start to align with what we focus on, what we choose to spend our time on, it all has a part to play.

My calendar currently is FILLED with bible studies… it’s a few to many at once if I’m being honest, but serving my community and the women around me in ministry is something I use to do a lot of, and had to be a back burner item for a bit (military moves and having a baby who is now a toddler changed my priorities for a bit). I’m so so glad it’s back in my life. I just may need to have a bit more balance with the number of studies I do come fall. It’s also filled with volunteer work for my husband’s company and helping his soldiers out. Work items for my clients fill my days too, which brings me so much joy because we have some amazing people in our VIP studio that are rocking their health journeys. Then it’s family. Travels with family, days at home, etc.

What you fill your days with and who you fill them with matter! It will either bring you joy or slowly suck the joy out of you. But that choice is yours!

Reading: I’m entirely nuts when I read apparently… I’m going on 5 books at the moment.. All pictured below so you can see what is keeping my attention this summer.

But I wanted to specifically highlight “Superlife” by Darin Olien. It’s all about how food and what we consume affects our body internally. How our health is so much more than some diet and exercise but deep down, whole health is at the cellular level. I’m still gifting this book to any client in July (reach out if you want to know more). Darin breaks his book down into “5 simple fixes that will make you health, fit, and eternally awesome.” His knowledge is extensive and he’s so willing to share and educate others so they can also be their healthiest. It’s not a book that is going to give you a diet, new supplements, or any of that. It’s about our bodies, our cells, and how we can either help them work optimally or hurt them.

Eating: Keeping up with my same nutrition. Enjoying treats and food in our travels and hitting my giant salads, grains, and lean proteins at home. I focus on veggie intake while at home. The other foods (protein, carbs, fats, and fruits) are easy to get in and add to my veggies, so I get those as my focus. I also make sure I have an intake of 100 oz. of water daily. Hydration, especially in the summer heat is VERY IMPORTANT. Sweating isn’t your your fat crying as the saying goes… it’s your body cooling itself. You have to replace the fluid lost or you will dehydrate. So please drink your water and help your body work better for you.

Beat the heat with these popsicles!

Workouts: Back at it and for the last two months have been doing different workouts from different programs (the beauty of my “Netflix of fitness”) syncing them with the energy levels of my cycle and it’s been very eye opening and fascinating to see how my body is responding to this so well. But in just two short weeks I’m starting our brand new program from Amolia Caesar. Check out the link below to get to know more about this pro NBA trainer and guru on functional fitness training.

I’m all in for this workout because of the functional fitness training. It’s not cross fit, it’s not jarring to our joints and bodies, it’s about training for the normal functions we do daily… setting our bodies, and muscles up for success to do life better, easier, and repair properly.

For my body, I need to focus on repair and recovery in equal parts to building muscle and flexibility and mobility. This program checks ALL the boxes for me and I cannot wait to see how my body feels once I jump in.

There’s still time to join my studio with this program! You’ll get a free copy of “Superlife” from me, and $45 back once you complete the program too! Check out the sample workout below and let me know if you want to join in the fun!

645 Sample Workout

645 options PLUS studio access

Doing: We’ve been working hard with business, AJ’s company and soldiers, and keeping Reagan’s energy level manageable…meaning lots of running around outside and daycare a few times a week for my mental health and for her to socialize with other kiddos. This weekend I planned a last minute get away to Paris with my mother in law and we had THE BEST TIME! Sitting and enjoying coffee and wine at the local cafes and embracing the French culture. Oh… and doing a super fabulous photo shoot around the city… talk about FUN! The next few weeks will be spent in our normal day to day… and it will be wonderful to sit and enjoy summer and our heat here with kids activities and family time. And very impatiently waiting for my mom to visit! YAY!!!

Last month we chatted about traveling and how I keep my nutrition fun, and still focused. We travel with snacks and health in mind, but also for enjoyment and to be immersed into culture so we try new foods, and enjoy our travels fully without guilt.

August means the start of finding our routines as school years start back up in September and getting all the things done before summer ends. I’ll be sharing end of summer favorite recipes and lunch ideas for kids that will help start your school year off with one less worry. Also a little special shout out on how I’m looking back on my decade of my 20s and looking ahead to my 30s as I turn 30 this month (July) and love how much life I’ve been able to enjoy so far!

If you have enjoyed this share it! I’d love to help others I wouldn’t be able to reach on my own!

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