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New things are coming and it's getting exciting over here!

Block 9th

Belief is a muscle we must work daily for it to turn into more. 
I’ve been wanting more for a while lately. I want to share more, give more, and be more valuable! 
With I’ve been on my own health journey with good foods, natural home products, movement with BODi for over 6 years now. I’m not going anywhere because that offer and helping others start is priceless. It simplifies movement and good nutrition making it available to everyone at every level. 
As I’ve continued my own journey I have learned so much from overcoming my IBS with chronic constipation (and knowing how to regulate it), healing my gut with food and not crazy supplements, and navigating more information about hashimoto’s hypothyroidism and how my nutrition can help me be my best or how foods affect my inflammation. I’ve gone through two pregnancies and postpartum seasons trying to heal from the inside and loving my body along they way through many many changes physically. 
Because of all of this I want to share more with you. By being able to share nutritional series on what I have learned and researched, meal plans and recipes, mini challenges right to your inbox, and way to live healthy in your home and be chemical free, and tons of work on mindset that has helped myself and my clients. I want this to be accessible to you and not come with tons of extras you don’t need. You will get some options to pick what fits you. 
But aside from the physical, I’ve had so much grow mentally over the last 6+ years. I’ve gone from being anxious daily and having panic attacks to freely enjoying life and worrying about the big things and not the small details of the day. I’ve done this intentionally with lots of work and I’m excited to share more of my mindset work and what’s worked for me with you through this outlet. 
I’m excited for this pivot to adding more and I hope you are too. 
Be on the lookout very soon for my first mini challenge and the launch of my newly published journal! (I’m still in awe!) I’ve been creating nearly non-stop for months trying to find the best ways to help others and diversify myself. It’s coming and it’s so real I’m still shocked. Links coming asap once it goes to print.  
As influencer @lindseygurk would say “I’m getting my pink back!”
Get ready! I sure am not ready but let’s do this anyway!
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Speak soon, friend!

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