April is for celebrating!

For a while, I didn’t really celebrate this month like most families do that we know. But as my kids get older, and we are soon starting school with our oldest I see how her brain is processing our moves, the questions that are asked and the added information we share now this month is so much more important than it was in the past for our family. 

Military children have a few pieces of representation that I want to share with you as you go about this month supporting any military children you have in your life. 

First, the color is purple. So “Purple UP” as we all say and wear it proudly. 

Second, the flower that represents them is a dandelion because its seeds are blown far and wide by the wind, but it will always plant roots and blossom wherever it lands.

Third, military children are brave, resilient, adaptable, and tough. They learn from early on that home isn’t just a place or a building. That surviving in this world means you have to be adaptable and open to opportunities when they come to you.

Though I am bias for my own children, I think military children are pretty spectacular. They are well-rounded and culturally aware, and from what we have experienced so far, they are incredibly aware of the moves, and hard pieces while finding the good parts to be grateful for and focus on. 

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