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Simply Grateful is a gratitude journal without the fluff. I’ve been at this for over 6 years and tried too many different journals to keep count of. I needed something with less. Less “to dos” and more results. This is the practice I have perfected for myself and am now helping others find. The habit of daily gratitude is freeing in many ways. By shifting our minds from the negative to the positive through gratitude our hearts, minds, and souls are opened to true lasting happiness.

Inside the journal you will find prompted reflections every 30 days to take inventory on how this practice is changing your life and creating impact on your mind and heart. There is a sample page of how I personally use the journal, 90 unique and different daily affirmations, as well as 90 different and unique gratitude prompts. These prompts are there to help you on days that are more challenging to find those moments of blessings or when you’re not feeling like a personal pep talk. Not all days are sunshine and rainbows, so use the prompts when you need them. You’ll also find some of my favorite gratitude and happiness quotes sprinkled throughout the journal.

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